Film Production Incentive

The new Netherlands Film Production Incentive aims at promoting a healthy production environment in the Netherlands. This scheme is based on a system of cash rebate, which makes it very attractive to execute the total post production of your movie in the Netherlands. Both Dutch and foreign feature films, documentaries and animation films, with a budget of a minimum of 1 million euros (documentaries 250.000) qualify for this scheme.
The Netherlands Film Fund yearly invests 27 million euros of ‘cash rebate’, which means 35% of the investment per application can be earned back with a maximum of 1 million euros. Of course some conditions are tied to the cash rebate. You can read more about this in the extensive regulation of the Film Fund.

More information about the cash rebate:

– The Netherlands Film Fund

Or contact us to discuss the possibilities at Sound Adventure.

Why choose Sound Adventure?

We offer everything necessary to execute the complete sound post production of your project. This means we can take care of the sound design, dialogue editing, effect editing, atmosphere, ADR- recording and the re-recording mix. We are also able to produce film or TV music in-house.
We work together with other post production companies to get the maximum profitability out of the new cash rebate system.
Sound Adventure is a vibrant and atmospheric working place, in the middle of the city of Amsterdam. We love making you feel at home with our great lunches and tasty coffee.