Two companies, one roof

EntrePost was established in 2008 at Entrepotdok in Amsterdam. Picture and sound were brought together under one roof by editor Michiel Reichwein and sound designer Jan Willem van den Brink. EntrePost is an inspiring working place at one of the most beautiful locations of the city of Amsterdam.

Through intensive cooperation between Sound Adventure and Reichwein Post Production joint projects are brought to a higher level. Short lines, a flexible attitude and extensive experience all brought together at one place.

Entrepost Productions

  • Familieweekend
  • Bagels en Bubbels
  • Vrolijke Kerst
  • Volgens Jacqueline
  • Mees Kees op de Planken
  • Heer & Meester
  • Finn
  • Brammetje Baas
  • Levenslied
  • Komt een vrouw bij de dokter